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Read what our subscribers have to say about Ohio as America...

"I just wanted to reach out and say how much I am loving Ohio as America! it is making my planning and life so much and easier and the curriculum is thorough, complete and aligned with cross curricular standards! I am so appreciative!“  – Regional Center for Advanced Academic Studies, Sandusky City Schools

“I have a variety of reading levels and English language learners in my classroom so having the text be accessible to all students with the highlight and text reader feature has been tremendously helpful.The students love all of the different technology pieces and websites in these activities. They are well-developed and engaging.” – Cincinnati Public Schools

“We have been learning about Ohio's industry, natural resources and agriculture. I am thankful for the amount of information in the student readings that you provide. For example, I like to drive home the fact that Ohio's agriculture makes Ohio a lot of money. We pulled the data of how many livestock and crops Ohio produces per year to show how much money Ohio can make from these items. The kids were shocked! It is nice to have the data available for reinforcing important information...Thanks for everything you do!” – Mathews Local Schools

“I am very impressed with the Ohio as America resources overall! My students find them engaging and informative. The short video clips, paired with the student readings, are very effective. Thank you for an awesome resource!” – Worthington City Schools

“The best Ohio History book on the market today!” – Capital University

“Recently my fourth grade Social Studies classes teamed up to make posters about their civic responsibilities (a Chapter 3 activity). It was awesome and at times hilarious to see what matters in their hearts and minds. The posters included appeals for longer recess, recycle bins in every class, and waste reduction in the cafeteria...Everyone enjoyed the activity and the posters turned out pretty amazing...Thanks for all the great lessons and inspirations.” – Vandalia-Butler City Schools

“Students truly enjoy learning about slavery (how wrong it was--boy do they get mad!) The discussions we have had over the readings have been incredible. The primary sources and videos made available from this chapter help visualize everything we learn. Everything we learn from Chapter 12 is all brought together when we participate in the 'Can She Trust You' interactive distance learning. Past students come back and visit and that is one thing they say made the most impact in their learning. I believe it would not be as impactful without the information/facts, videos and primary sources made available through Ohio as America." Newark City Schools

“I love the well-thought out, creative, hands-on activities that accompany most lessons that I don't have to think up/create. My all-time favorite is the Archaeological Dig lesson in the bird seed and analyzing prehistoric tools/jewelry” – Findlay City Schools

“My students love the experiences with their first online textbook. We had a great time playing Kahoot! with the Articles of Confederation questions this week. Everyone was engaged and excited!” – Clermont Northeastern Local Schools

“My students just finished the study of Ohio's prehistoric Native Americans by using the website to create their infographics. They really got creative and enjoyed making their posters. This is the first time they had ever used this website, and they did a great job. I think this will be a very helpful website for them to use as they go to middle school next year.” – Wapakoneta Schools

“My students were impacted with the lesson about the branches of government...What made this a great lesson was the fortune teller activity. The students first enjoyed folding the paper for this activity...As the lesson progressed, the students were starting to remember what each branch did. The wonderful thing is that the students were helping each other figure out the answer. The students enjoyed it so much that they played fortune teller with a partner the next day." – Marion Local School District 

"Early this year, my students worked on the Thomas Edison Scavenger Hunt after learning the difference between primary and secondary sources. They were engaged learners as they delved into each document to find the historical references and clues about Thomas Edison's life. As the year has gone on, there have been many times when the students have referred back to the sources we used as examples to refresh our minds on the differences between primary and secondary sources. They loved being detectives in this activity!" - Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools 

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